A lot of this is “up in the air” with regard to specifics, but here’s the direction I’m heading in thus far (and subject to change!).


I’m leaning, heavily, towards an off-the-grid system. Since I am living in Colorado, with it’s near-endless sunshine, solar power **seems** a no-brainer. At the very least, part of the system will be solar-fed. Unfortunately, since I am building-first-and-locating-later, this is in flux. Problem is, if I find a nice mountain lot, it may be more shaded than desirable for a solar system. Optimally, my power needs will be supplied by a hybrid wind-solar-battery mix, but I may have to ‘punt’ closer to the time I move the completed Tiny House onto it’s pseudo-forever lot. I will also be building in redundancy and ability to connect directly into the power grid if desirable.


Well, I guess I’m not an “old dog” quite yet. Starting this project, I pretty much swore to myself that, no matter what work and expense might be involved, I **wanted** a flushing toilet. Hey, I like some creature comforts! But then I started looking at what, exactly, that involved… including running a line to city septic (and the $$ involved). Or the possibility of digging my own septic system… and the permitting required from the local authorities…. Urgh!!

And then I started researching composting toilets.  True to form, most of these were, well, not exactly “desirable”.  Yes, like most, my mindset where waterless toilets are concerned invariably drifted to those gross, stinky, outdoor portable toilets…

Until I started reading about the Separett Villa Composting Toilet.  By all accounts, this fixture is a far cry from most “composting toilets”, the vast majority of which are little more than glorified buckets-with-seats.  Yuch.  The Separett owners are positively singing its praises.  And there is science behind all of this; the Separett folks have gone to huge lengths to make the downsides of composting toilets a thing of the past.  Have a read on their site.  Read the reviews.  I’m convinced.  And, even more fun, it’s environmentally conscious!  Too bad it’s big $$, but, IMHO, so VERY worth it.