Well, if the Utilities section was “up in the air”, Appliances are perhaps even more so.

But here are my “knowns” –

  1. A gas range or cooktop.  Kills 2 birds with one stone; I love gas for cooking and propane is definitely going to be part of the off-grid equation.
  2. Stackable washer-dryer or all-in-one.  Presumably gas to power the dryer segment, due to huge electrical draw of electric heating elements.
  3. Some form of propane heat.  Maybe backup only, but building that in.


Maybe a very efficient “mini split” heat pump/AC unit.  Not sure.  Concerned about heat levels in the lofts (there will be 2!) in the summer.  Colorado typically has cool, dry nights – even in midsummer – but I still want a “hands on” experience in the confined quarters of a Tiny House loft; hey, it’s a very small, enclosed space, and heat rises.  We’ll see.  Hopefully I can get by with fans in the evenings, but the proof will be in the pudding.